Coming Soon - Belt Loop Keychain

Prototype 01 | Belt Loop Keychain

• New Leather Accessories •

It has been my intention since I first considered launching Bowline to develop a line of high quality leather accessories for men and women but cool bag ideas kept distracting me from actually working on the accessories line.

The past few days following the launch of this site have been crazy and I have sold my initial stock of Berlin Totes, made more, sold those, and yesterday I bought out the denim stock at Field's Fabrics just to keep up.

However, in the rush I somehow managed to find a bit of time to work on the accessory line and am proud to show off my first prototype for a belt loop keyring. I still need to find that little touch that will make this baby sing but I hope you enjoy this look at a new product in the making.

Much love! - Mike Knorr