Berlin Market Tote Inspiration

Meeting Up With Heather and Jan

Heather and Jan Last October Diana and I were meeting some friends in Berlin and I decided to cook them dinner. There was a market near the flat we were renting for the weekend so we popped over there to pick up the goods. Unfortunately we forgot to bring a bag.

At checkout we found a tote bag for sale and added it to the pile so we could get everything home. Naturally we had a few beers on the conveyor and a nice fresh baguette. While trying to fit everything in one bag I was worried that the beers would crush the baguette but much to my delight there was a little elevated pocket to slip my bread into, perfect! All the groceries, beer, and bread made it back to our little dinner party and we ate like royalty.

Diana's Challenge

Recently Diana challenged me to make a bag that could sell for $65, and we both thought of that bag with the baguette pocket. (Well, really, she suggested it but it was already in the back of my mind.) She set a stopwatch and timed me as I was making the first one to make sure the math was right and it totally worked out! So a huge thanks to Diana, Heather and Jan for helping make the Berlin Market Tote possible.
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