About Bowline


Welcome to Bowline American Craft.


Bowline is born from a love of traditional crafts and a reaction to the apathy I feel toward mass produced consumer goods. Some things, usually old things, just feel "real" when you hold them. You get a sense of the person who made the thing and admire the thing for the work that went into it. You feel a sense of connection. For me, that sense deepens when an object is made of natural materials. Solid wood, full grain leather, fabrics that contain nothing but plant fibers, these things have inconsistencies and flaws and a deep beauty because these things are real.


I aspire to make things that you can connect to.


Bowline is a one man brand created by Mike Knorr. - Hi. - I've always been driven to make things and have consistently blurred the line between what I see as art and what I see as craft. I have weaved through a number of fields throughout my life, sometimes two at once, from construction, to design & video production; I've designed haunted house sets while running a coffee shop. (I know... "hipster, pfft." I have a fine arts degree in functional art, if it matters.)

It sounds weird on a resume but to me it is all one smooth evolution and each pursuit informs the next. Creative thinking runs through everything I've done and craftsmanship ties it all together.


About the products


Everything is made by hand (except where noted, i.e. t-shirts)
Materials are as ethically sourced as I can manage
Many dyes and finishes are homemade from natural stuff
Each piece is unique and may vary slightly
Everything takes time and orders may take up to 2 weeks to fulfill


    - Bowline American Craft -

    Est. 2016